Keeping the Bali culture is the duty of every member of the Balinese

Steady Bali is a very important concept for people of Bali, it is necessary to understand what is meant by culture of Bali is good and what is good to maintain the culture of Bali.

The fact is that in the last three decades, Bali has a lot of changes caused by various things, including globalization and terrorism attacks. The concept emerged in Bali steadily growing strength of this change and has been used by communities to discuss ways to strengthen the culture of Bali. The concept of steady Bali is also useful for the people of Bali to filter out the influence of outside cultures.

Besides, the people of Bali have psycho cultural resources in the face of crisis and transition era. These resources are also useful for updating and restoration of community spirit.

Among some of the traditional institutions that are still steady on earth this archipelago is a traditional village in Bali, which is traditionally known by the people of Bali with Pakraman village or Dresta village. This institution is very important in the steady application of the concept in keeping and maintaining Bali Traditional Balinese Culture.

Bali Island Picture

Bali Island Picture

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