Kertha Gosa as tourism object in Klungkung Regency

In Center city of Klungkung Regency be found a tourism object that be named Kertha Gosa. Kertha Gosa location address at Puputan Street. Kerta Gosa was as a legacy from Kingdom of Kungkung in year 1856. Many tourists visit Kerta Gosa. Kerta Gosa is a beautiful tourism Object. There we were found Bale Kambang, Taman Gili, Bale Pesamuan, Bale Kulkul, Pemedal Agung and Museum Semara Jaya.At Bale Pesamuan found many Wayang (shadow puppet) Painting. It was educational painting rallies. At the south of Kerta Gosa, found it can be Pemedal Agung. Pemedal Agung form door out-in the Kingdom area. Bale Kambang is the bale around by the pool. The theme is taken from kakawin. In Bale Kambang find at roof is the painting of wayang from Kamasan village. The wayang painting is telling Arjuna Wiwaha, Sutasoma and others. Bale Kambang represent the place for carrying out of religious ceremony Manusia Yadnya that is tooth filling (mepandes) kings children. The Painting of wayang style in Kamasan village in Bale Pesamuan and Bale kambang, other important omission which still reside in and cannot be locked out of a facet assess the history is glorious Pemedal Agung. In Bale Kulkul is found kulkul. Kulkul was useful to call entire member of Kingdom. The tourist visit Kerta Gosa for Education, pray and spending holiday or filling up time. Kerta Gosa has our eternal art and culture.

Ensuing some images of art building and beautiful landscaping which be taken on around in area of tourism object of Kertha Gosa :

A beautiful landscaping and classical art of Kingdom building in Klungkung regency, Bali province, Indonesia. If you have many times please visit it. Thanks.

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