Seventh Kuta Carnival

Seventh Kuta Carnival plan, held from September 19, 2009 and will last for 7 to 9 days is a collaborative medium Hindus respect to culture, ritual and the universe. Its activities include cultural arts performances, activities and actions of spiritual care for the environment. Through this activity the entire community is expected to rise to maintain national identity and culture, to raise awareness of cultural, natural and spiritual in balance. The diversity of cultural art style that is believed to have ritual values and business must be kept.

Opening of seventh Kuta Carnival plan will be concentrated in the Kuta Beach with a variety of activities, themed Creative Ecology, invited public to pay attention toward environment including the cultural spirit and life. Kuta Carnival event will be filled with a parade of cultural activities, spiritual activities of the great assembly, yoga and food festival. Another event was the dance scene of mass Pendet and action to care environment. All activities in the Kuta Carnival will be distributed at Seminyak Beach, Legian and Kuta Beach.

Bali Island Picture

Bali Island Picture

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