Nusa Dua and Tanjung Benoa Tourism

Nusa Dua tourist area famous with BTDC (Bali tourism Development Center) and Tanjung Benoa well as water sport center in Bali. Nusa Dua and Tanjung Benoa, located at the south end of island of Bali, but have a different attraction. The Nusa Dua BTDC (Bali Tourism Development Center), known as the central star hotel in Bali. Hotels such as Westin, Ayodya Resort (formerly Bali Hilton International), Grand Hyatt, Nusa Dua Beach Hotel and Nikko have here. Meanwhile, Tanjung Benoa is known as a center of tourism water from parasailing, banana boat, Jet Ski, Rolling Donut, Flying Fish, snorkeling, Scuba Diving, Glass Bottom Boat & Turtle Island, and other water sports can be enjoyed here. The beach here is not choppy and very quiet, so safe for the family holiday with your children.

Parasailing is a game where you will be wearing a parachute and skydiving resort by speed boat draw round Tanjung Benoa beach. So just like right skydiving. Time of this game in one round is approximately 4 minutes in the air. Altitude connecting strap between the parachutes with speed boat are approximately 80 meters. So it’s tolerable level flight.

Jet Ski is the game uses a vehicle on the beach like a motorcycle. Jet Ski here you cannot drive yourself, must be accompanied by an instructor, because the TB on the beach there are lots of activities and other water sport, so the collision can be avoided. Do not worry, the instructor, this will only drive from the edge toward the beach to the sea, until now there you can drive it, the instructor lift. Game time is 15 minutes. If you want exciting in driving, try a lunge waves you have. Then you will feel the sensation of enjoying while drive this Jet Ski.

Banana boat, rubber boat sole, you will be attracted by speed boat around the coast within 15 minutes. Banana boat cargo capacity is max 4 people plus 1 person as assistant instructors. You can ask be dropped from boat to the water during the run, or if want not wet you can the normal only. Less exciting if play banana boat without drop into water from boat.

Flying Fish, this is newest game in Bali. 3 fruit banana boat made with a rubber boat to cross in front of it and have a kind of right wing next to the left. Flying Fish is played by 3 people max that is 2 people as the passenger right and left 1 person as the instructor in mid. Your position can stand like ride a motorcycle or supine sleeping. Flying Fish will be attracted by speed boat with a high speed path against the wind. Thus, the flying fish fly over the water approximately 2 meters or more depending on wind speeds. It exactly like as kites. For the playful challenge, do not try to skip for this game.

Snorkeling is swimming while looking at the bottom of the sea. Main requirements you must be able to swim. By using the mask and fin, you will see interest fishes and coral reefs while you are swimming.

Scuba Diving is the dive. Then snorkeling it better diving. You will be given complete diving equipment, ranging from clothes, oxygen tanks etc. Diving should not be swimming, you better cannot swim, because it is easy. One tourist will be accompanied by an instructor under the water, so do not worry. Previously, you will be brief first about how dives correctness. The depth ranges for beginners between 3 meters - 7 meters in water for 40 minutes. While bringing bread for food fish, you will see the beautiful scenery under the sea which be loaded by coral reefs and beautiful decorative fish-colors.

Glass Bottom Boat & Turtle island, it is the tourism that the most suitable if you do bring your children are still small. With a boat underneath you have clear glass; you'll be sailing down the sea aquarium to see you there in Tanjung Benoa beach. While the bread cast from the boat, the fishes will up and chase the food page. It amount of hundreds of colorful tails there. Similarly scenic Coral Sea does well. Once satisfied to see the page, the boat will cruise to the island to see the location for care turtle, a rare enough animalcule existence. Here, you'll see a turtle eggs do be aged, and small turtle, turtle youth to adult turtle you are ready to become a parent. Type of turtle is not only one, but there are several types.

Tourism Object Kintamani in Bali

Kintamani, the district is located in Bangli, is one of the favorite choice of tourists travel both domestic and abroad.

Generally, in almost all travel agent or tour operator in Bali, Kintamani entry in the itinerary (travel route) after visiting Batu Bulan (Tari Barong), tour the area or Ubud Sukawati as shopping centers.

Kintamani offers the atmosphere of the hills with fresh air temperature around 18 degrees Celsius; the air is similar as in Bedugul. Main attraction of the area is scenic Mount Kintamani and Lake Batur. Mount Batur is mountains that are still active and are the second highest after Mount Agung at Besakih. The atmosphere is best when enjoy lunch while enjoying the beautiful lakes and mountains that give off smoke friendly.

Interested to know more Kintamani? Make a program for you to visit Trunyan village which is located near the lake. But you must across up to the boat to travel there with about 20 minutes. That is interesting and unique ways of the local cemetery which is different from the prevalence in Bali. The corpses be put under tree only without be buried. But unique that the corpse is not exit the putrid smell because of the putrid smell be neutralized by the fragrance of wood which is called Menyan tree.

Unique is not it? If interested, why not enter the place of alternative tourism in Kintamani your vacation? Congratulations on holiday in Bali especially in Tourism object Kintamani.

Bali Island Picture

Bali Island Picture

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